Massage Marlene

Do you need to take a rest? Come and have a massage in our hotel! It is generally known that massages have a positive effect not only on your body, your health but on mental state as well. That´s why we have prepared several kinds of massages which have different effects.

Classic massage improves the circulation of blood in skin, subcutis and muscles. It can help you with stiff and sore muscles and it can be done as a partial or whole-body massage.
Reflexive sole massage helps to detoxicate organism, it reduces stress and it affects internal organs function positively.
Honey detox massage uses benefits of honey on the human skin and body. It nourishes, softens and hydrates skin and it also absorbs toxins and promotes their fast removal from the body.
Peat packs and massages are the icing on the cake in Hotel *** Marlene. The peat contains trace elements, minerals and other natural materials with a positive effect on the organism and they are also easily absorbed through the skin. The positive effects of peat packs are: pain relief, improved function and regeneration.